While KSWS reaps rewards from your time and talents, as a volunteer you will experience numerous benefits such as:

  •   Utilizing untapped skills
  •   Maintaining job skills
  •   Returning something to the community
  •   Exploring new career paths
  •   Meeting people with similar interests
  •  Acquiring college or job references
  •  Enjoying a gratifying way to spend your time




Become a volunteer

Expectations for the volunteer:

  • Work at a scheduled time agreed upon with the supervisor
  • Work under direction and supervision of the supervisor
  • Notify supervisor when unable to report at scheduled time
  • Provide feedback to your supervisor
  • Ask questions if you do not understand something
  • Dress appropriately
  • Follow agency rules, policies, and procedures, including record-keeping requirements and confidentiality of agency and client information
  • Be respectful of new ideas and encourage use of own initiative
  • Show respect to shelter employees and clients of all backgrounds
  • Avoid promoting politics and religion
  • Be generous with praise and allow clients self- determination
  • Have a positive attitude, sincerity, dedication, and punctuality
  • Help answer phones
  • Perform volunteer duties to the best of your ability


Download Volunteer Package Form

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